Very Fine Dance Shoes Production Studio specializes in private labeling & custom designed shoes. Today, Very Fine Dance shoes is taking personalization to the next level allowing you to select a variety of custom materials, colors, heels and detailing for your unique shoes. If you would like to create your own one of a kind custom dance shoes, please feel free to contact one of our authorized distributors near you.
When customize or design your own shoes, you can choose from many colors, fabrics, heels, and styles for your shoes (See what other customers have designed here).

Colors & Fabrics:
Fabric Swatch For Brand: Very Fine Classic Limited & Stiletto Heel Edition
Fabric Swatch For Brand: Very Fine Salsera, Signature, Party Party, C-Series

OEM program
- Distributors in our OEM program can have more options for custom designing. You can make changes from Very Fine's existing styles, or desgin your own shoes from scratch. See examples of what we have done for other customers:

More Colors & Fabrics for OEM Distributors:

Click on the swatch to see more options.

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