Cal Poly DanceSport Team
The Cal Poly DanceSport Team is a competitive Ballroom Dance Team representing Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. We offer training classes, practices sessions, and other opportunities to learn proper Ballroom Dance technique and advance your skill level in this exciting sport.
Cal Poly Salsa
Welcome to CP Salsa, the club bringing Salsa to the Central Coast.
Casa De La Salsa
Case Western Reserve University, Ballroom Dance Society
The CWRU Ballroom Dance Society is committed to promoting social and competitive ballroom dancing on campus and in the surrounding community. To this aim we coordinate dance lessons, performances, and competitions.
Cornell Dance Sport Team
Our team is mainly comprised of talented, hard working members of the Cornell Ballroom Dance Club.
Dance Classes Toronto ?
Toronto's largest privately-run Salsa / Ballroom Dance School!
DanceSport BC
DanceSport BC is a non-profit, volunteer-run association founded in 1968 to promote and encourage amateur social and competitive ballroom dancing (?DanceSport?) in B.C.
Descargalatina Dance Company
ETHEL'S Club is an SGA-recognized Eastern College group devoted to teaching, practicing, and performing the art of Swing Dancing.
Hepcat Society of Swing
Jitterbugs Swing Club
The Jitterbugs Swing Club wants to keep you up to speed on the GWU swinging scene.
Lithuanian dancesport federation
Lithuanian dancesport federation is an independent union of public sports organizations joining amateur dancesport clubs and other public sports institutions in Lithuania.
MIT Ballroom Dance Team
The MIT Ballroom Dance Team
Mizzou Ballroom Dance Club
We are a student organization at the University of Missouri~Columbia composed of students and community members interested in social and competitive ballroom dancing.
National FastDance Association
Ontario Amateur Dancesport Association (OADA)
The Ontario Amateur Dancesport Association (OADA) is a non-profit Canadian organization dedicated to the promotion of competitive Ballroom Dancing and Dance Sport in Ontario and Canada.
Oregon Ballroom Dance Club
We are a dance club based in Eugene, Oregon on the University of Oregon campus.
Penn Ballroom Dance Society
Period Events & Entertainments
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we endeavor to accomplish our noble goals by sponsoring events, giving classes, performing in various living history events, and just generally carrying on. Historic dance, drama, music, literature and costume are all a part of PEERS' activities.
Pharcyde Entertainment INC
Pharcyde Entertainment is a non-profit performing arts organization devoted to promoting the social etiquette and traditions of Ballroom and Latin dancing to children and the community.
RIT Swing Dance Club
Solely Swing Dance Society
StarDancers Club
StarDancers Club is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Please join us for ballroom dancing in Hawaii.
Swing Cats
Swing Club at UVa
Swing Kids
Tokyo Swing Dance Society
USABDA of Chattanooga, TN
The Choo Choo City Chapter of the United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association (USABDA) is a social dance club that organizes and promotes ballroom dancing in Chattanooga, southeast Tennessee and north Georgia.
VCU Swing Club

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